if i did it

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  1. any of ya read oj's new bk.
  2. No, but if i HAD read it........:p
  3. O.J.'s search for the true killer continues...

  4. Yeah, the real killer of good taste..........

    Given most seem to think he done it, wouldnt it have made more sense to name his book "If i hadnt done it...you know, its possible i didnt do it, the glove and stuff, you know.....aw c'mon, it is possible i didnt do it , and the jury decision reflected that....be fair here..."

    Id actually be interested to read it, but probably wont get around to it.
    Im impartial on the matter, anyone got a reveiw?
  5. oj is a misunderstood soul.
    he's a complex man.
  6. I'm sure the overwhelming evidence against O.J. complexes you as well.
  7. ya the same drone who believed saddam had wmd too and was responsible for 9-11.
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    If I ever find out I'm gonna die of some disease or other, I'm going to buy a gun, take a few days of target practice, track that sonofabitch down and shoot him while he eats dinner in some fancy restaurant or while he's out playing golf. And I wouldn't feel a lick of guilt.

    The OJ verdict was a travesty. There was a blood trail from the crime scene to his fucking house, for fuck's sake. Ron Goldman's father should have killed that mother-fucker yrs ago.

  9. My hat's off to you.
  10. ElCubano


    I was about 15 feet from him and a blonde woman in coconut grove.....that mo-fo got one big head...you would most definitely need the gun homey....
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