If I could only trade 1 strategy, this is IT

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by iamanuttyhead, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. If anyone is interested, I have a www.paltalk.com room... the two percent club... IT IS FREE!

    I usually have it open when the stock market is open.
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    oh yes, that is where I remember you from, the ts forums from years ago.

    so if you can't use ts8 are using 2ki or 4,

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  5. Years ago? LOL!!

    I was just banned and bannished in May 2006.
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  7. Excuse me hosebag

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    What time frame are you using for the above chart? Is it 5 minutes? Thks

    BTW, I can't believe this!!! I have been calculating manually on paper the cumulative using mktdelta software, wasting my time and here I find that Investor R/T can do it for us automatically:mad: Mktdelta can't do this at the moment yet. Hopefully when the merge comes, it will.
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  9. I have 3 minute 45 second charts (1/4 of 15 min) and I have 7 minute 30 second charts (1/2 of 15 min) for my candlestick charting. My "market delta" template chart is a 1 minute.

    The chart you referenced is a 225 second or 3:45 minute chart.
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