If I could only trade 1 strategy, this is IT

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  1. Well I don't have a problem with use of a particular product. If you like "Market Delta" great. If it works for you, congratulations.

    What I do kind of smile at however is your way of "advertising" it without providing any kind of substance to your claim...

    Now to my way of thinking, if you have something of value to add here, the way to do it is to provide at least a little substance rather than just the "commercial ad"..

    By the way, I tried Market Delta a while back and I didn't see much to brag about.....

    Good luck

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  2. I have to agree....the "delta" info did not at all help me out of the open today (went LONG)......


    ....and when we broke down through 1303.00 after bumping 1304/1305 for a period of time, my SHORT there was without good reasoning (that darn Volume Breakdown "delta" measurement pane was of no help)......



    ....seeing over 5,000 net SHORT contracts in only a one minute bar did not show any conviction of the sellers to me.


    Oh....and I use Investor R/T's "Volume Profile" tools.....I do not subscribe to marketdelta.com . :)
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  3. I see. My bad. It wouldnt be the first time I was ass backwards wrong, and probably won't be the last.. Sorry.. I apologize.

    and now, I need to get some sleep.

    Goodnight all

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  4. Agree 100%. It has taken me years to figure out a potent set of pivots that are not only good on stock indexes but currencies as well. Keep it to yourself - it's your right :)


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  5. Steve,

    Nothing to brag about if taken as a trading system on its own. I've written to the developer (Trevor) saying that without identifying good support/resistance levels a trader would be toast using the product. Now from my own trading/observations it does carry plenty of weight on ES & couple of currencies vs. others like ER or Crude. Nevertheless, for those wanting to incorporate supply/demand into their trading, nothing beats the 'Market Delta' concept. And it does require plenty of experience - nothing there for someone who's just starting out.

    P.s. glad you're back on the boards :)


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  6. Thanks

    And to be fair, the Linnsoft product is very nice. I like the ability to modify and customize indicators. In that respect it is far and away better than Esignal.

    Now that Esignal has purchased Qcharts, I am going to take a serious look at it (with a DTN feed if possible)...as a primary charting system.

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  7. My Investor R/T with DTN.IQ feed is about the same price as Esignal but I get all the volume profile tools and market profile tools with the advanced charting.....great deal imo.

    Steve46....sorry about what appears as an "AD" campaign at times from me....I just have a lot of enthusiasm for what I do. :)

    btw, for just $19.95 you should get our new................. LOL! :D
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  8. Both of you are ok. So how about that trend day we got? Got in at 711.3 (ER) per my levels & it never looked back. How did you guys do?

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  9. Anyone notice how the ES hugged the S2 level from 1:30 until 3:00 before going straight up 4+ points to close at S1?

    Oh, and the bounce after the 10 point drop this morning stalled right at that S1 level also.

    Again, it doesn't always work this well from one pivot level to another, but I doubt this is just coincidence.

    Maybe the pivots work better when the big volume is on vacation.
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