If I continue pointing out how you people have no hope and are dumb, I'll lose sanity

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 3edc, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. 3edc


    "leave the poverty fools alone" is what my father told me

    I can't win this battle
    I have to let you go

    there is too many of you monkeys, and there is only one me :(
  2. 3edc


    cabletrader I offered to send you 500 dollars for groceries

    It broke my heart you couldn't afford proper groceries

    you declined, you are a monkey

    R Raskolnikov, you are a monkey, sorry, its not your fault

    The vast majority of rest of you Bush boys and Obama lamas

    you are all monkeys

    all of you :(
  3. I like the advice your dad gave you.

    "Most of them aren't worth saving"

    I'm still undecided but leaning towards agreement.
  4. 3edc


    consider how doubling US debt doesn't even inspire a protest in the US.

    There is no hope, no hope at all
  5. Don't you worry, protest will come. It's inevitable

  6. 3edc


    I just love it when you guys don't like the thread and you RATE IT "worst" on the bottom of the page

    as if it matters

    your poor fools

    as if it matters :(
  7. auspiv


    YOU have no hope.. creating a new ET handle (cold/jasonn/flavorofthweek) every 3 weeks for years is losing sanity. no, maybe you've lost your sanity.
  8. 3edc


    well you know what they say

    "nothing lasts forever"

    that goes for your beautiful USA too :cool:

    At least I got money to move to EU

    what about you ???

  9. auspiv


    i am the future of the United States of America. i'm staying here.
  10. 3edc


    good luck pal

    I'll speak well of you in another world

    I will say you were brave and honest and just

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