If I can show ROI of 3% monthly unleveraged

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  1. I have created a system for US equities and I am able to average 3% monthly(unleveraged) yet due to some background issues I am unable to go the "prop shop" route. Looking to sell my picks or partner with someone that can help me benefit from this monthly equity system I have discerned.
  2. I think you'll need to give more performance stats than that. How about telling us how long you traded the system, was it real or a simulated account, what's your win rate, profit factor, max drawdown etc.
  3. I have "paper traded" for over 4 yrs and just started trading live 3 months ago. I am still paper trading juxtaposed to the live trade to make some comparisons. This month live trading has done better than paper. Irrespective of this, I have been averaging 3% unleveraged. I have trading parameters and the system can be run as a complete black box system. Max at risk is 10%.. I run a 5% stop and if stopped out I then go short with a new 5% stop above.
  4. Prove it is key. I have had a couple blowups, which I even posted on here, but for the last few years I've been making ~ 42% per year. My restarted amount was $42000, and I've been growing it through up and down markets. I also realize that to bring it up to a few million or more the return would probably diminish greatly. I'm prepared to deal with a reduced return, but investors who have been told amazing claims will not. For me at a certain point I convert more to income production than growing the grub stake. Most investors are not going to be happy with that with what is left over after fees.
  5. This month my system kicked out 49 positions and out of the 49 I actually took 10. I feel like I need at least $100K to take advantage of this system. And due to some background issues I cannot go to the prop shops for the leverage.

    Last month system kicked out 50 and I had a firm watching all 50.. all 50 closed out up 2%. Out of the 50 I could only take 8.... the month was positive to say the least

    Looking for ideas/help to benefit from the system.
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    "Due to background issue I cannt go to prop " doesn't exactly inspire trust.

    What kind of background issue would cause someone not to be able to go the prop route ?