if i can put up capital where should i go?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ronaldo, May 25, 2003.

  1. ronaldo


    Thinking of getting into the day-trading business (i know its a crappy market, but i'm backtesting a system that I think works and I have seven years of derivatives trading experience). I can put up the 5k so I'm looking for the best place to go. I'm looking for a prop shop - non-retail - that would give me a little leeway in that they wouldn't ask for fresh capital if I did go through the 5k while I was getting my feet wet assuming the firm was making money on me/not losing. I don't necessarily need .04 - I wouldn't ask for that till I got a steady track record. What type of deal should I expect/ask for? Any place that's good on health insurance as I have a family?
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    I know that ETG has a health insurance plan because I recently interviewed with them at their midtown NYC office.
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    I think most places offer some sort of health insurance option.
  4. assent (formerly Andover) also has a health insurance plan
  5. ronaldo


    o.k. - so assuming all places have a health care option (which I know costs a fortune but I guess those are the rules of the game) which place is the best for today's marketplace? (This is an open invitation for all the recruiters and firm professionals patrolling this website :) ) Thanks.
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    They are welcome to PM you privately, especially since you have invited it. Aside from sponsors, they are not welcome to promote or recruit publicly. Thanks.