If "Herr Bush" Wants a Police State Then Why Is He a Supporter of Guns

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  1. "If "Herr Bush" Wants a Police State Then Why Is He a Supporter of Guns"

    Because the original intent and premise behind the Constitution is completely corrupted and twisted now. Back then, the populace COULD get the same kinds of guns as the government forces and revolution WAS a possibility. Nowadays, they let you have some cap pistols to "think" you have freedom. Much good that'll do against the government's weaponry. Note that full-auto AR-15s/AK-47s, 50-caliber Barretts and MP5s are illegal. These are the minimum level of firepower you'd need in the hands of a giant portion of the populace to do any good against the government. The military also has chemical weapons, micro-nukes, tanks, bombers, jet-fighters, cluster-bombs, etc. that pretty renders the general population and their "guns" pretty much useless... "Let them eat cake!"

    HAH! My idea of "gun" is a Davy Crockett...

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  2. I don't know about you, but I don't want joe drug dealer around the block - who happens to be an American citizen - to be able to buy an M1 Abrams or an AH-64, an F-18, etc., etc. when he damn well could afford to. Not to mention the gang-bangers or any other criminal piece of shit...
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  3. Gang-bangers are shooting people with handguns, isn't that illegal? Isn't driving more than 65mph illegal? Driving under 21 is illegal isn't it? Wasn't drinking illegal completely after the 18th Admend? Making things "illegal" doesn't do a whole lot to kerb human behavior, it's to define punishment after-the-fact.

    Getting tanks and F18s are not likely anyway even if it was legal, not cost-effective. Making things illegal just takes it out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, while making it simply a matter of money for the true criminals.
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  4. Quick someone post a pic of AAA....and dissuade me of the notion that he's a 25 yr old-bow-tie-wearing-punk-ass-staffer for some right-wing douche bag like Roberts or the like.

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  5. The press is bad....the press is evil.....the press got us into this war....the press keeps us in this war...the press...the press... the press.

    Very scary that press is

    In fact, I'm so scared of the press ....I don't even know what to do except ....maybe .....blame the press...

    I’m so frighten of Wolf Blitzer and Larry King……so scared…so very very scared.


    Trotskyite dogs (and those who otherwise disagree) will be shot on sight....no trial...no charges...no press…..no defense allowed...only SHOT!!

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  6. ... and who owns the "press"... that is, 98% of the news-media in the U.S.? ... who controls what the press publishes and more importantly, doesn't publish? ... Interesting to see the difference in coverage that CNN broadcasts outside of the US compared to within...
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  7. please forgive me but there is a little thing called the bill of rights. when those are violated by a supposedly conservative admin then i want to go throw up.

    this isnt about whether jose is an outstanding citizen or a thug. it is about due process. if you have reason to arrest him you better have proof and charge the son of a bitch. bottomline they had nothing. N0THING....... WHERE IS HE NOW??? what are the current charges??? why are they so scared of due process???

    trust me this isnt about janet vs the republicans... i am way more conservative than Pabst the neocon.
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  8. Pabst


    You guy's don't read much do you? He's been under indictment since December and is being held in Miami. Why don't you come down here and see him? Maybe the three of us can do lunch.

    It appears there's zero evidence of him being "al-queda" linked.

    If Padilla had been bona fide but then let go we'd be hearing from the Left 24/7 how Bush on "his watch" had let a convicted murderer slip through his hands and commit a terror act. I'm no fan of U.S. citizens being held as enemy combatants but historically the law has been pretty anti-libertarian in that regard. I notice you stay away from internment issue ratboy. Was FDR your boy?
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  9. Ratboy:

    I note your post here

    "I am way more conservative than Pabst the neocon."

    Okay, no prob, BUT as regards Padilla;

    I would have put a round into his head from my vehicle.

    I am not a big believer in our current justice system.

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  10. I'll wager that it being illegal for any American citizen to own an F-18/M1/AH-64 -regardless if they can afford it - does more to ensure drug dealer Joe doesn't get his hands on one as opposed to it being legal but costly.

    It's a matter of scale and common sense, IMO, not big bad government trying to keep the common citizen down.

    Can you imagine the anarchy that would reign if you could buy practically any weapon system you wanted?!? :confused:
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