If "Herr Bush" Wants a Police State Then Why Is He a Supporter of Guns

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pabst, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. let me just say this... daddy bush bailed on the NRA and so will little fk face when the time is right. W is the stupidest man ever to hold the office... he is completely guided by his masters. his tongue is so covered in crap it looks like a fudge bar. he will do what they tell him to do, when the time comes. if not **poof**... they will remove him one way or another, a la kennedy or nixon.
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  2. I've been here since the fall of '93 when the Libertarian/Repubs took over the house. Where’ve you been?

    However, some of those same backbenchers eventually succumbed to the dark side...and became the treacherous Fox News consumers, K-Street project participants, and advocates of big and obscenely large government. The bigger the better….and they say the more that they spend the happier they are. Guffaw! Now, at this point ….I shit on all of them. Both sides…all the time.

    Randian philosophy has always been a natural choice for me for me. Alas… I'm a trader and nothing more. I'm a trader and that’s all I’ve ever been …. and a trader is all I ever be.

    I'm stunned at hearing anyone could be anything else

    But Cie La Via..

    BTW: I know deep down pabst is a good guy....sometimes you just have to peel into his Onion several layers to make sure your right. He's doing his best to allow a bit of rationality to seep into an area of his past brain that carries with it many many years of hard core indoctrination.

    Cut him some slack.. It’s my great hope now that Pabst will find his way and become a great leader with us at Gult’s Gulch.

    Of course if he doesn’t adjust himself to his new charge and his new general order….then we’ll be forced to shoot him in cold blood and leave him to die in the streets the like the Trotsky dog that he may be.


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  3. just want to speak for myself here.

    I own a number of weapons, including handguns, rifles, knives and a boat load of several different kinds of ammunition. I have had good military training and unlike Mr. Cheney, I have yet to shoot a civilian without good reason.

    I like to shoot for fun, and for game (Pheasant, guinea hen, duck).

    I don't like the idea of someone (anyone) taking my weapons away. As I recall those of us who aren't illegal mexicans or felons have the right to bear arms.

    So I intend to keep my weapons just in case I am ever called upon to shoot some damn Arab terrorists. As far as Mexicans are concerned I don't intend to shoot any unless they I see them trying to fly jets into buildings (or try to break into my car).

    I hope we are clear on that.

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  4. A few hundred years ago I could imagine US citizens with firearms would be able to prevent a military dictatorship. Back then the military under control of the government had similar weapons to the population and they were quite evenly matched.

    But with modern warfare technology such as bombers and apaches I don't think rifle equipt citizens would be able to stop a military dictatorship.

    You would simply have a situation like in Iraq. The government would set up "green zones" which were inpeneratable. These would be set up around key infrastructure such as powerplants, waterplants, food and gas distribution centres, etc.

    They would control the population by controlling their food, water, and energy supplies. Many people would simply submit to the government instead of risking losing the above supplies.

    There may be complete chaos in the cities, breakdown of law, etc. But the government is going to be sitting easy in their fortified zones.

    I don't see how any resistance group armed with weapons that are currently legal would be able to take down such a government. The government even has the option of using nukes as a last resort.
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  5. the "until recently" part through me off.
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  6. i'll get the gun powder ready.
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  7. Pabst


    Great points. As we all know the 2nd Amendment gives the People added technology to fight the tyranny of Government. Quite obsolete in the nuclear age. That's why I laugh when libs in Congress vote to restrict assault weapons. If the G can have nukes I sure as hell should be able to have an AK-47. Thanks to the 2004 sunset expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban, Americans can once again own these weapons. But you're right Nihilanth, if any BIG shit comes down these guns will be a sorely ineffectual means of protection.
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  8. Long life...longer memory.

    The republican party left me... I didn't leave it. Now me and people like me are left with no one and no party.

    Both groups are generally lying sacks of crap.... not to be trusted.

    However, at this point those that need to die the bloodiest and the quickest are the neo-cons.

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  9. Good points Pabst. Janet Reno was far more dangerous to religious people or those who would not submit to the government storm troopers.
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  10. and ashcroft/gonzales was/is any better??? come on... its not about dem/rep or lib/cons, does jose padilla ring any bells. that is truly the day the bill of rights died.
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