If "Herr Bush" Wants a Police State Then Why Is He a Supporter of Guns

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    Kind of strikes the moonbats at the knees doesn't it?

    Do totalitarian despots normally support gun owners?


    Bush sides with the NRA and against law enforcement on every major gun safety measure including closing the gun show loophole, concealed weapons, and mandatory child safety locks.

    Concealed Weapons :
    Bush Signed NRA-backed Concealed Gun Bill. In 1995, Bush signed an NRA-backed bill to allow private citizens to carry concealed handguns in Texas, ending a 125-year ban on concealed weapons.
    [ Dallas Morning News, 5/27/95; Oil and Gas Journal, 6/19/95 ]

    Bush Signed Bill Allowing Guns In Churches :
    In 1997, Bush signed a bill that allowed Texans to bring their guns into churches and synagogues unless a sign specifically barred them from doing so.
    [ Texas HB2909, 75th Legislature, www.capitol.state.tx.us; Legislative History, Texas HB2909, 75th Legislature, www.capitol.state.tx.us ]

    Bush Failed to Enforce Existing Guns Laws in TX :
    Did Not Prosecute Felons Who Illegally Possessed Guns. The Houston Chronicle reported that under Bush’s watch, Texas authorities knew of more than 600 convicted felons who may have illegally possessed firearms, but the state did nothing to prosecute these felons.
    [ Houston Chronicle , 12/9/99 ]

    Gun Shows :
    Bush Bowed to NRA, Failed to Lead on Background Checks Legislation . Bush claimed to support background check requirements for unlicenced dealers at gun shows, but declined to assist the passage of a state bill on that very issue. Bush claimed the federal government should solve the gun show problem, but only endorsed an NRA-supported, loophole-filled amendment.
    [ Houston Chronicle, 4/27/99; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 5/22/99 ]

    Texas Leads the Nation in Number of Guns Shows.
    Under Bush, Texas offered convicted felons more opportunities to purchase guns than any other state in the country through a loophole that allows people to purchase guns at gun shows with no background check. Texas led the country with 472 gun shows in 1998 -- 222 more shows than the state in second place. San Antonio police testified that 20 percent of guns convicted felons and juveniles used to commit crimes in Texas in 1998 were purchased at gun shows.
    [ San Antonio Express-News, 3/18/99, 4/14/99; South Bend Tribune, 2/18/99 ]

    Child Safety :
    Bush Opposes Mandatory Child Safety Locks. Bush opposes mandatory gun safety locks -- instead he thinks the locks should still be voluntary.
    [ Christian Science Monitor, 5/13/99 ]

    Texas Received "D" in Protecting Kids from Guns.
    Texas received a "D" -- the sixth worst grade in the nation -- from Handgun Control, Inc. for failing to pass laws to protect kids from guns. The national gun-control group cited Texas?failure to prohibit juveniles from owning handguns, as well as the state’s prohibition of municipal laws that are stricter than state law.
    [ Houston Chronicle, 9/15/98 ]

    Special Rights for Gun Makers :
    Bush Signed NRA-Backed Bill Giving Gun Manufacturers Special Rights. In 1999, Bush signed legislation -- called the "gun lobby’s top priority" -- that gives gun makers special protection from being held liable for the design and marketing of their products.
    [ New York Times, 6/20/99; Associated Press, 5/19/99; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 5/18/99 ]

    Texas Supplies Guns for Out-of-State Crimes :
    Texas Is a Major Out-of-State Supplier of Guns to Criminals. In 1998, federal agents traced 1,176 guns used in crimes outside of Texas to Texas gun dealers. In fact, Texas ranked fifth among out-of-state gun suppliers to criminals for weapons that could be traced; guns sold through the gun show loophole were not counted in this survey.
    [ Houston Chronicle, 6/13/99 ]
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    Retards. ( And I'm being too kind here) :D


    Senate votes to bar emergency gun confiscation

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to prohibit the confiscation of legally owned guns during an emergency like last year's Hurricane Katrina, marking another victory for the gun lobby.

    Stupid god damned retards! ( no really, I'm being too kind using that description) :D
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    The DEMOCRAT Governor of Louisiana signed the mandate. She CONTROLS the National Guard in Louisiana. And yea I've seen the Federal bill. It had BETTER not get signed.
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    You retards had enough or do you want more?


    Governors bristle at Bush Guard proposal
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    CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — The nation's governors are closing ranks in opposition to a proposal in Congress that would let the president take control of the National Guard in emergencies without consent of governors.

    The idea, spurred by the destruction and chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina's landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi, is part of a House-passed version of the National Defense Authorization Act. It has not yet been agreed to by the Senate.

    The measure would remove the currently required consent of governors for the federalization of the Guard, which is shared between the individual states and the federal government.

    Try and have a good weekend, RETARDS. You don't have many left!! :D
  6. This is not a prediction, BUT the wave of the future MAY be akin to the Hezbollah organization. Armies which are essentially stateless. Considering the homogenous makeup of the NRA and even the right wing militias it is not hard to imagine that individual citizens, especially the easily brainwashable type that tends to be neocon Bushits, could come in very handy to a looser Capitalist International Borderless style of fascism. One thing we know about the future is we do not know what it holds. Who would have thought 60 years ago that Japan would be our ally and Iran would be our enemy?
  7. What's funny is that when I was a Republican (until just recently) we stood for small and limited government.

    10th amendment...states rights and all that.

    Now no amount government is bad. It's all good. The bigger the better…this is our due says Cheney and Bush.

    The repubs have revealed themselves to be just as corrupt as the dems....just different people in power. The repubs have completely forsaken any sort Reagan legacy that they may have inherited. Two peas in a cozy bitch ass pod.

    Now it’s hard not come to the conclusion to shit on all organized American parties and the morons who’s only voice comes from the dumb bitches in the media....like FOX, CNN, etc…etc… like half the people who post here.

    Who is John Galt?


    This is how I know

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    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to prohibit the confiscation of legally owned guns during an emergency like last year's Hurricane Katrina, marking another victory for the gun lobby.

    By a vote of 84-16, the Senate embraced an amendment by Sen. David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican. He attached his measure to a domestic security spending bill for the fiscal year starting October 1 that the Senate is expected to pass soon.

    The U.S. House of Representatives has passed its version of the spending bill and negotiators will have to decide whether to keep the gun provision. The House is usually sympathetic to gun owners.

    Citing the constitutional right to bear arms, Vitter said that during an emergency people should be allowed to hold onto "legally possessed firearms to defend your life, your property" at a time when telephone lines and cell phones probably are not operating and victims "can't reach out to law enforcement authorities."

    Vitter said 10 states have passed similar laws. Louisiana is one of them.

    Following Hurricane Katrina last August, some emergency workers expressed fears about guns being looted from stores and first-responders being threatened by gun proliferation.

    Sen. Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, called the amendment "pay-back time by the National Rifle Association," a powerful lobbying group that opposes gun controls.

    Sen. Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, added, "You send the National Guardsmen in ... and then snipers start shooting at them and the police make it known this is going to be a gun-free zone. We don't want any National Guardsmen killed because of this national emergency, this disaster. Is that an unreasonable thing?"

    Vitter countered that the "declaration or state of emergency in and of itself does not give anyone the right to confiscate guns" and local law enforcement officials should not "trump" the Constitution.

    Last month, gun lobbyists won another victory when the House voted to overturn a recently enacted law requiring safety trigger locks on all hand guns sold in the United States.

    That measure, attached to a law enforcement spending bill, awaits Senate action.
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    Honestly Doc, what does this have to do with guns? Ok, we both oppose the war in Iraq, we both favor less government and I'll go so far as to say we should tell Israel to concede land, swap prisoners and if not they go it alone. If the Arabs don't honor Israeli concessions, we'll bomb them. Yes Bush is fighting a bloody war that's maiming great Americans. I want us the FUCK out of there. But besides that and some REAL BS cowtowing on spending I'm not ready to say Bush isn't more conservative than not. Taxes, guns, taxes, abortion, taxes, land rights he's been ok. I do of course agree with you that whether there's corruption or not, these deals with HAL ect. sure make things look corrupt.

    But to blame Bush/Cheney for the sole erosion of rights in a nation that has income taxes, drug prohibition, gambling laws, prostitution laws, minimum wage, civil rights laws that force individuals into hiring/renting/doing business with people they don't want to, drug agents using infra-red, utility companies who sell out costumers to law enforcement for pot busts based on electricity usage, self incriminating breatalyzer's administered at roadblocks, a nation that interned Japs, attacked the South, and killed millions of Indians, is there ANYTHING about this administration that's new under the Sun?

    The point I'm making is simple. It's hard to attack a guy on the grounds of creating a police state when he's a dove on guns. And for all the bullshit the left talks about Gitmo and Padilla ect., I've yet to see the G go after the Randy Weavers and Dave Koresh's of the world. Reno was a fucking dyke despot compared to Ashcroft/Gonzalez.
  10. welcome to the good side.. what took so long? i see Pabst is starting to change his tone too. i think hell is freezing over.
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