If harsh climate seasons continue many people will migrate within the US?

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  1. Whether it's global warming or not
    climate is becoming unbearable

    If this continues over the years
    Many people will migrate of of this areas?
  2. How is it becoming unbearable?
  3. Less than 1 year and ppl move? Don't think so. It costs a lot of money to relocate.
  4. Texas & Florida will double in power
  5. You always here this from the silly folk that don't like the snow. :D
  6. People are more likely to relocate for a good job. Those who relocate for climate are successful traders and retirees.

    I live in So Cal. No complaint here.
  7. Some of us "successful" traders like the Midwest and the snow. We can get on a plane and go anywhere we want, when we want.
    I like So Cal myself as a place to visit, my daughter lives there against my better judgment. Diverse likes and dislikes makes the world go round and round though.
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    Hippie, you got an xtra room? I'll bring the beer :D

  9. There is a migration for decades from east to west and south anyway. You can see this in the statistics

    Also, there is a reason Chicago, NY, San Fransisco and Boston are either losing population or stagnant for many years. Whereas Houston's and Dallas's population has been exploding. As a matter of fact, Texas population is exploding.

    Add the recession and the cold on top of this and you get a migration from east and north to west and south.

    I moved from Boston to Houston and that was my best move in my whole life. What a nightmare Boston was. :(

    My second best move; well she is cooking in the kitchen right now.

    Gotta love Texas :cool:
  10. The Texas migration has to do with taxes first.
    It was 10 degrees in Dallas the other day. The weather isn't a plus. When it freezes you have to stay off the roads cause no one can drive if you get 1/2 inch of snow. The other drawback is the bugs.
    I went to college in Texas for 4 years and was damn glad when graduation day came.
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