If good news but stock does nothing...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Option Trader, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Is it a likely explanation that the shorts are just doing whatever they can on that day to contain the price, and then the next day(s) the stock goes up--albeit not as much?
  2. more likely that the news was already factored into the price...or there is some other underlying reason people aren't buying...if a stock (or market) fails to rally on good news, you might consider it a short imho
  3. There are times there are belated responses of a day or so, and I wanted to know if belated responses are more common by highly shorted stocks, due to their interest to dampen enthusiasm.
  4. PJT


    "If good news and stock does nothing"=Bear market

    If bad news and stock gets it' s lips chopped off=Bear market=VMW

    Bear market rallies are as vicious as well.

    Timing is everything as I'm sure the "elite trader" will tell you of which I am not one.

  5. no it's not a likely explanation. if you are still using the shorts holding down stocks conspiracy then you need to learn a few things.