If Glenn Beck is the 'New Star' of Fox News, I'll Make A Prediction Right Now...

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  1. ...Fox News has jumped the shark.

    The guy is a fruitcake extraordinaire.

    He's on Fox News right now telling viewers that the Influenza situation has been drummed up or 'created' by the U.S. Government as a means of controlling the behavior of its citizens (getting them to cut down on commuting, blah blah blah).

    At least O'Reilly, Sean Hannibal or company never went off the truly psychotic deep end on live TV that I can recall...
  2. no what he means in the mass media has blown it way out of proportion, something is fishy here, the gvot def has its hand in this
  3. Waiting to see how this develops. I do not think anyone knows what the hell is really going on. Wait and see, I guess. I do know there were a lot of rumors floating around about swine flu virus and it's transportation, two or three weeks ago.
  4. And the proof of this is rampant, wild speculation alone?

    I am all for a good conspiracy theory, but give me some 'stuff' I can use.

    'Loose Change' or something like that...anything......sheesh...
  5. Fox is a demographic play. The ancients and nutjobs (to a lesser extant) love it. Fox has a good run left.

  6. What is "fishy" and really smells is your total lack of intelligence . . . Only YOU and your "buddy" Glenn Beck would believe that the WHO out of Geneva would continue to raise its alert level for no good reason.

    The fact of the matter is that this is a NEW strain of influenza virus; one that we have not seen before. As a result, the human population has ZERO immunity to it!

    What is it about the human immune system and having no antibodies against a strain of influenza that you don't understand???

    But leave it to your "pea-brained" intellect to think that the media is "blowing it way out of proportion."
  7. I see MSNBC playing the same angle as Fox, maybe to a slightly lesser degree however, lately.

    Cable News Networks appear to be structured in such a way to appeal to people who want comfort in hearing others affirm or agree with their own perceptions of reality, whether grounded in fact or not.

    CNN appears to have tried to split the baby by putting on a populist and often conservatively-charged personality such as Lou Dobbs, but they're ratings are the worst of the 3 main Cable News Networks, so it hasn't appeared to be a viable commercial model.
  8. What planet are you from?
  9. Glenn Beck fans and Fox News watchers do not find this funny...

    <img src=http://www.weirdomatic.com/wp-content/pictures/bush/funny_bush_04.jpg>
  10. wjk


    It seems Beck was a rising star at CNN until they decided to drop his repeat in favor of Dobbs. Or maybe FOX just made a better offer. Either way, he is out there on some issues. No question. When I first saw him, I had to look at the channel twice. I couldn't believe it was CNN. It's gotta sting seeing him get ratings at the competition when they had the ball. According to the article below, he had good ratings at CNN.


    From the article:

    "But a CNN executive, who asked not to be identified because the negotiation was private, said that a sticking point in the talks with Mr. Beck to renew his contract was a plan by Headline News to drop the repeat of Mr. Beck’s show at 9 p.m."
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