If ford goes under 1 dollar does it become an OTC stock?

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  1. What exaclty would happen if ford went under 1 dollar.

    I heard stocks to be listed had to be over 1 dollar for 30 days?
  2. Delisted if it stayed there over a month...would be quite a shock, but both F and GM are bankrupt and have been for most of 2008, let alone all of 2009.
  3. No NYSE is working out a rule change.
    They sure don't want to lose all that FNM, AIG, GM like business
  4. Hopefully not, obviously. Otherwise they are on the way. UPUD (for the lay, under-promise,under-deliver, amazing how our auto industry works). This is probably the only cramerism that ever made sense to me.
  5. The NYSE will do away with market capitalization requirements in order to hold onto its listings. Otherwise, everything will eventually be in the "pink sheets". :D
  6. Otherwise, everything will eventually be in the "pink sheets".

    Even Chuck Norris?
  7. It's not just price level of the stock that is involved here.
    It depends on the MARKET-CAP of the company!

    The NYSE has recently decided to lower its minimum required market-cap - or the value of all of a company's outstanding shares - to $15 million through April 22. The existing regulation required the delisting of companies with a market cap of less than $25 million over 30 consecutive trading days.

    If you do the math, Ford currently has a market-cap of 4.2 Bilion at $1.76

    Not even close to going de-listed.
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    I don't think it is a (market cap) OR (stock price) test.

    Both FRE and FNM have received warning notices (share prices below $1), and they came out with plans to do reverse splits. Both of these companies have market caps well over $100 million.

  9. It's BOTH.
    The share price needs to trade above $1.00 per share AND the company needs to have a market-cap above $15 million for 30 consecutive days for NYSE companies.
  10. Wow the options chain for ford is sad.

    5 penny bid for 3 dollar call on ford for march..
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