If everyone is selling gold/silver why is it hard to buy now?

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  1. Generic silver completely out.


    Apmex 1oz gold bars completely out.


    So if everyone is selling, why isnt there more gold/silver available to buy?

    I'll tell you...all you paper traders mess with the price and those of us holding physical buy it all up. Whatever "news" is out there about a collapse in gold/silver is just to get you to sell it cheap to us. Proof is in the physical not the paper.
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    Of all the theories I have ever heard (about anything) that is definitely one. :)

    Traders yesterday interviewed on various cable, financial shows were very negative based on the technicals, and seemingly in a consensus for the long term BULLISH.

    For what its worth....

    "For historical purposes"

    Chart 11 to 15 April

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    The worry over deflation writing is on the wall.....

    -China showing cracks

    -The US labor market is still horrendous

    -Manufacturing slowing

    -BOJ has to double its balance sheet to get 2% inflation pa

    -Commodities falling

    -Boomers retiring

    -Cyprus selling large quantities of gold

    -Spain, Italy and others will soon likely follow

    Why wouldn't they try to take gold down in order to buy it up from the PIGS and Cyprus at a 30% discount?
  4. There is plenty available to buy - just buy futures on COMEX, and instruct your broker to take delivery, you can have all the gold you want.

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    Simple, the small guy is buying (apmex), but the big money is selling (futures)

    Gold has been disconnected from real supply and demand for a long time now, due to a lot of big money coming in. It is historically unusual and won't last forever. As a small guy, you just enjoy the ride.
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    Good point. Demographics likely are the root cause of most of the deflationary forces. Certainly the proliferation of social programs and the decay of the nuclear family/morality exacerbate the situation greatly.

  8. Once you start talking about 'us', its over 4 ya.
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