If elected, would Obama keep giving support to banks?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. i.e. "loans" and bailouts?
  2. TGregg


    Just the ones that were failing. He'd raise taxes the successful ones.
  3. It is said that Bush wants to support the banks now, as much as he can; because Obama wouldn't do anything when he gets elected, even if doing nothing results in a depression.
  4. Good question.

    Obama just doesn't portray himself as any type of business/finance person. He looks like someone who was groomed to be a career public person. They really don't do anything except talk about what other people actually make and do.

    Nothing with Obama defines him as a person of doing.

    McCain had a life before politics and then a few side ventures like Keating, marrying money, etc.

    Without a doubt Paulson could bs Obama, I suspect McCain would be a hard sell.