If Dow plunges another 13 % today, I....

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  1. will have some big size buy orders in the market at 10527.00! :D :D :D :=))))
  2. Bowgett


    That would be my orders :)
  3. I just got a mail from our friendly neighbourhood investmentbank Goldman Sachs.

    There is a conference call announced.

    "Market in Turmoil: A Global Macro Perspective"

    A call with the Chief Economist and Global Strategists of Goldman Sachs

    The conference call will cover our views on the equity market from a strategy perspective and the speakers will be the strategists from each of the major regions, including Peter Oppenheimer (Europe), David Kostin (US), Kathy Matsui (Japan) and Tim Moe (Asia ex-Japan), and Jim O’Neill (Chief Economist).

    Will keep you informed....:D :D :D
  4. they need to start calling hank paulson, and fast. That is assuming they are not all short already.

    Hmm.. 1st abolish uptick rule.
    2nd abolish program trading curbs (as their thorough research showed, did not have the slightest effect on smoothing volatility ...
    yeah, we can see that now).

    If they keep dropping these games on those who aren't the inside, there won't be much retail liquidity left to pickpocket.