"If done" orders on ECN platforms

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  1. Do any ECN Brokers offer "If Done" or contingency orders on there platforms?


  2. and that one too please folks, do any ecn brokers have websites? telephone or email contacts? tia mucho
  3. Typically, no most ECN's do not offer If Done but some ECN's are integrated with some very effcient execution platforms like Progress, Flextrade, TT and Portware.

    HSFXi is connected all of these.

  4. Thanks for the reply RapidFireFX,

    I have since found out MB Trading offers many different order types on their platform with different "if done" scenarios.

    currenex is working on adding contingency orders to their platform in the next couple of months.

    Not sure about HotspotFX and Lava.


  5. Hotspot FX retail has If Done orders, i think someone has mentioned that their institutional plattform is execution only (only mkt-orders).
  6. taboni


    HotspotFXR doesn't offer "If Done" orders, but I think I heard that they were planning on adding these.
    Hotspot Institutional is execution only (market orders) and you can't leave any kind of s/l, or If Done order.
  7. ok, you are probably right, i just browsed their platform documentation the other day and they are mentioned there.
  8. dstock


    Does anyone here trade with any of these execution platforms through HSFX?

    Anyone trade spot FX with any of these platforms? If you do what broker are you using and what are the commissions?
  9. Dstock

    I can give you a better fill on the info offline. No offense but you have the cart in front of the horse.

    You use an execution platform to reach the liquidity on HSFXi.

    PM me if you want to speak in more detail.