If Dollar goes to hell, and that's a big if,

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    what strategies are there to get rich off it?
  2. To retain wealth, you need to merely hold real tangible assets that better yet yield some sort of rent.

    To 'get rich' if you aren't already, then you need leverage and perfect timing. Something like most of your net worth in deep out of the money calls in all the standard things to be expected: precious metals and precious metal stocks, international stock indexes, etc.

    Something with a current 1% probability of success. The odds are you lose it all.

    A more accessable strategy is to lever up as much as possible on real estate that carries well, because your real debts will (relatively) disappear as your property retains its value. Thats how you get something out of relatively little (whatever assets you currently have).
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    Dollar's goin' to heaven, friend. Keep an eye for the stock markets.
  4. You don't want that "scenario" because everything would become worthless, except for booze, guns, ammunition, kevlar and tobacco. :cool:
  5. Think you're a bit late to the party mate. The USD Index has lost about 35% since the start of the centaury and trading near it's lows. I think we are in for a period of prolonged USD strength from here on.

    You might think that America is in poor shape and the USD is a sell but look closely and the rest of the world is bent over taking it from a rhinoceros.
  6. The question itself is a quite good indicator that we're in for USD going up soon (equities going under once again).
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    The USD has been going down ever since it was allowed to float. These declines are normal
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    IMHO, it is not an IF but rather a when....

    trend trade the swiss or canadian /short the dollar

    the way 99-percent of currency traders do it is gambling, learn to trade for the long haul and manage your risk....
  9. Probably right. If America slows down subsidizing the growth of the rest of the world the dollar will rally. If things continue like before, the dollar will keep falling. I see no signs of a willingnesss to stop the subsidization.
  10. Doesn't matter. China is way overextended, and really they have only a beginner's idea of how the world works and what they've done to themselves.
    It doesn't even matter if they see hard times or not, because when it comes to currencies in times like these, stability is all that matters. So, at the slightest tremor, it'll be back to the dollar, and the USA.
    The dollar (the US) is like original formula Coca Cola: what you have when you don't really trust the rest. And no one really trusts China: everyone remembers, well, everyone except that strident fool Jimmy Rogers, that China is still a communist dictatorship, at bottom.
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