IF Democrats win both houses, Market Up or Down on Wednesday??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by himself, Nov 4, 2006.

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    Assume the following for the purpose of this thread:
    The Democrats win control of both houses in Tuesday's election.

    If that is so, will the market go up or down on Wednesday?
    Basically is the outlook for gridlock bullish on Wednesday?
  2. Traders expect the Dem's to win the House (4-1 odds) with the GOP retaining the Senate (3-2 odds). If the Senate goes Dem the market will tank.
  3. Down.

    I suspect traders and investors do not trust new congresses. My interpretation is nobody knows what the congresspeople are going to do, so traders sell stocks and invest in money market or CD's.
  4. I dunno what the market will do but brace yourself for the Dem-0-cratics to slaughter the Re-pub-la-cans. It is going to be ugly and so one sided that even the markets will get shocked..

    And I ain't lyin either.
  5. The only reason the market went up is because of war related deficit spending. It'll probably pull back as the repub hacks on wall st. sell to scare the public. In the long run it's headed higher since the neocons are going to attack Iran next.
  6. Every now and then you actually show some astuteness.......
  7. Artie21


    The Neocons are lame duck. They could not attack a plate of spaghetti.
  8. spinn


    The avergae male testosterone count has dropped 100 points giving dems a minute chance......

    John Kerry has less testosterone than Hillary Clinton....pm me for blood test results
  9. frogman


    taxcuts, historic low interest rates, super low unemployment, no terrorist attacks in 5 years. duh. Dems raise taxes, shift funding to giveaways that generate nothing but handouts to people who scream for more, businesses cut hiring as higher taxes eat them alive, terrorists have free access to white house again. They are an important member of the global village.
  10. The way the media is talking it seems it is assumed that the dems win control at least one. What happens if republicans hold on somehow?

    I'm thinking that the general consensus is that dems win house and reps keep control of senate. So everyone has been buying in anticipation of this outcome...what happens if either party comes out on tops for both?

    Dems win - Possible up move if there is anticipation of gridlock. Or maybe a down move in anticipation of tax increases and increased social spending. Tax increases are guaranteed if dems win both because the current tax cuts will expire unless made permanent. Everyone sells to get their 15% cap gains rate before it expires. Of course they don't expire until 2010.

    Reps win - ?? Maybe initial selling followed by resumption of the current trend. I'm not so sure on this side.
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