If currency volatility hurts economies, then why not

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    have an international solution to join currencies into 1 basket, like Wocu (Wocu.com)? That way countries still hold on to their national currencies, yet volatility is reduced substantially.
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  3. Cooperative solutions can "work" only if everybody cooperates to make the thing work. Everybody has to bring something different to the "pot luck supper", not only a green bean casserole. :cool:
  4. You'd be amazed what people do to scam the central banks of shitty countries. This is done by insiders in the country and outsiders. Just read "hot Money" by R.T Naylor. He writes about a whole bunch of them.
  5. those kind of money exist now- GOLD. And countries will be forced to gold standard after current printing orgy will burn in hyperinflation