If Chialee PMs you I think it is the S.E.C.

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  1. If Chialee PMs you I think it is the S.E.C.
  2. then why alert everybody pal? u got sthg to hide? whats yr IP address again? hope your using an anonymizing proxy server otherwise your toast!!!
  3. Nothing to hide - what a stupid comment. Just got emails trying to get me to give advice - in an obvious way to ensnare - PMer pretending to sound like a novice but it was so obvious. Im warning others so they dont accidentally give advice without knowing the potential repercussions.
  4. alanm


    Advice about what? And why would it be something that they would bother trying to entrap you into?
  5. It is illegal to give advice without a licence.

    I mentioned on another thread I was thinking about managing money, then I started getting these strange PMs from chialee - who clearly tried to sound green. His/her requests were encouraging me to give advice/manage money, even though they knew nothing about me. I noted that Chialee has had no posts. When I mentioned it seemed they were from the SEC they stopped PMing me.
  6. relax, i got those PMs as well... rejected but then he/she asked for free signals which i ignored... think its a facetious ET poster taking the piss, thats all... but u cld be right at the same time... but then if they manage to catch a few greedy punks that way, i don't have a problem with that...
  7. Been a while since I played in criminal law, but isn't that considered "entrapment"?
  8. You can hand out advice all you want, especially under an anonymous handle. You just can't accept compensation for your advice without series 65, 7, etc...

    If someone blindly follows free advice from an anonymous person whom they've never met, that's their problem.
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    Not true - see the investment advisor act of 1940.

    licensed or not, why would anyone want to offer investement advice for free, on an anonymous msg board? Conversely, why would anyone want to take free advice?

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  10. yr dog's under arrest punk! it has the right to remain silent... blah :))) sorry makes me laugh but thats just the beers... getting late in tokyo i guess, time t o go watch the footie... not that i care...
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