If Buffett left the market

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  1. Suppose Buffett announced tomorrow, "I'm moving my money out of the stock market" Blames deriviatives, gov't intervention, fiscal impropeity, etc.

    My question is how much effect do you think his comments may impact the market?
  2. All world financial markets collapse resulting in a 70 year depression.
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    This is a ridiculous question. He runs a publicly traded company that invests in other companies. He would not shut his own company down.
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    Ancient chinese wisdom: you cannot leave a submarine.
  5. Lets call Brka a loosley termed "mutual fund". He has commented there's not much to buy, suppose he decided to go to cash and liquidate his exposure and hold cash.

    My only point is his credibilty and his money, how it would effect the mood of the market.

    We are seeing a collapse, Ie BSC. I'm looking for comments on what if scenarios of someone with "big money" who quit without failing.
  6. Thanks, I do like that quote, reminds me of my first marriage.
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    I like that quote too and yes it reminds me of my first wife too
  8. Ancient Chinese had Subs?
  9. No offence, but your wife must have been bloody huge!:D
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    They probably have claimed that they inveneted them, they claim to have invented everything, for example they claim they invented advertising because fruit sellers would shout "fresh fruit".

    Maybe a Chinese cormorant fisherman capsized his boat and breathed the air trapped inside. That would be enough for the Chinese to claim they invented the submarine.
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