If brown wins, expect a big jump in the markets.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. I strongly suspect that a Brown win in Mass. will bring about a quick jump it the markets since it could potentially cause Gridlock and put a halt to the democrats antibusiness agenda plus the bloated healthcare initiative.

    Tuesday will be a day to watch carefully.
  2. This may provide some interesting political fireworks. But I believe BO will do anything to get his agenda passed.
  3. Illum


    If by business you mean corporations, then the election doesn't matter. Both sides will do whatever they want. There is a reason health care stocks have performed well. In fact there are no sides anymore. Its all for show, I like boxing and history channel shows myself, carry on.
  4. The market has screamed skyward under a democrat majority. How does a republican winning a blue state seat equate to a jump in the markets?

    There is no correlation at this point, as the cheaply printed dollars and "hand of god" are determining markets.

    Of course if the market happens to climb If he wins, you can give yourself a gold star.
  5. reminds me of the day when Hillary Clinton was announced as secretary of state, DOW tanked 350 points..

    cnbc reassured viewers the two events where unrelated:D
  6. If markets have been in rally mode due to expectation of currency debasement from Democrat spendthrift policies, then wouldn't a Brown victory cause a market tank-ola?
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    I think when the macro economic factors are as relevent as they are now, and have been since 2008, then the micro economic factors don't matter near as much.

    Markets look for clues of any sort to give them direction....when the "big" factors are more or less stable (i.e. when the global economy is not flushing down the toilet) then they look for the "small" factors....an example of that would be like oil gaining 5% in a day in 2007 because of rumours of breakdown in the peace process between Israel/Palestine or stock markets going up or down a lot in a day because of a single senatorial election.....

    I'm of the opinion that there is enough relevent macro economic factors still at work to make any of the micro stuff mean anything.

    Satan himself could be elected as the POTUS, but if unemployment goes below 9.5% the next day, you can bet the markets will go up.

    As for the markets on a tremendous tear since March under democratic rule.....there is a difference between correlation and causality....

    Certainly the two are correlated....that does not mean there is causality there.

    Markets were so oversold by March, that the markets would probably rose jsut as much if my English bulldog Winston was working in the oval office.
  8. Markets rallying on potential Brown win.

    Gridlock in congress is good. If our government is neutralized and incapable of passing any bills this will be good for America and the markets.

    The last thing we need is Bushama to keep screw up this country.
  9. That would be a major upgrade to the giant douche sitting there now.
  10. This is proof that investors believe OBAMA engages in wealth destruction and must be stopped.
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