If Atlanta, Georgia has highest number of unemployed people in 25 years...

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  1. ....now, what does that portend for this time next year?

    Where are jobs going to come from?

    Can anyone name a significant source of employment aside from the federal government, that not only will not be laying off more people, but will be creating positions anytime soon?

    Is a 12% unemployment rate in the U.S. within 18 months out of the realm of possibility?
  2. I'm pissed. This 850 billion is not voting to result in any job gains.
  3. It's already at 12%
  4. I hope Obama let's the big 3 declare bankruptcy.
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    I do think 12% is within the realm of possibility 18 months from now.

    I could see this thing getting to 12-15% before it's all said and done.
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    The government will never be honest with the people, but I would expect that private sources such as Trim Tabs will confirm that by mid 2010, peak unemployment will be near 20%.

    This is not a 70's recession compounded by government stupidty, this is a reorgnization of world economies, compounded by government stupidity and outright dereliction.
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    how are you going to make money off a 20% unemployment

    why the fuck do you guys talk all this b.s. for.

  8. They probably mean U-6 not U-3. I think everyone expects U-6 to hit something close to 20%. No one really bothers with U-3, the official talking heads unemployment number.