If anyone listens to psytrance...

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    Here's a good one for you:

    Noosphere: Vektor
  2. thanks I'll try, guess who's into it


  3. 2001 ?????????????

    Too old ?????
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    Quality is quality.
  5. yup
  6. good trance is pure trance

    pure trance is timeless

    timelessness is

  7. pneuma



    Best free internet radio for all genres, esp gabba, psy/goa, trance, hardcore, etc

    Streams on winamp and WMA.

    Enjoy, pneuma
  8. . . . i have been listening to winamp shoutcast d.i. for years, but thanks. but i have just recently discovred my favourite streaming "trancy" station, based outta montreal: ETN chgannel 2, also found on the shoutcast "Techno" menu.
  9. Never heard of this site. I have it on solo piano
    music now. It is not distracting, but very nice.
    I usually go to www.pandora.com
    It has all kinds of music. Instrumental or not. Free.
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    nice one pneuma, thanks!!
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