If another financial crisis hits and we have a dem president and republican congress

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  1. Who will be blamed? would it be equal share.
  2. That depends. If the Republicans are voted into office next November and we have a crisis at any point in 2011, then I'd say no, Republicans can not be blamed. Especially since there will be little they could have implemented on their own in that short timeframe, with a lib president and still a large number of Dems.

    It will be quite a while before Republicans will be whipping boys again. Probably not until after they retake the White House and abandon (again) the promises to govern with conservative values.

    Let's hope that they keep their promises next time.
  3. Good luck to distinguish Democrat and Republican, one is taxing when interest rate is low, the other borrow shit load of money when interest rate is high, either way, taxpayer is screwed.
  4. be careful if republicans take control of congress.

    Don't confuse the present republican party with the one that was really for lower taxes and smaller govt.

    The new republican party is full of pedophiles and crooks who will lie, steal and kill their own mothers for a dime.

    The market will sell off rapidly if these crooks take power. This group of unamerican imbeciles need to be destroyed.


  5. Is that honestly what you think?

    Why can't we place blame on the deserving ones...executive management, and the boards of directors that stand by. If you want to blame government for something that is actually their fault, then do so for spending. AIG sucked not because of Bush, or Obama but because of bad management.
  6. Really? How about Congress' role in preventing Bush from rolling back these aggressive lending practices, which were essentially strong armed onto the banks. Granted in return for that the financial wizards found a way to make it worse, but the point is that everything government touches turns to garbage.

    We need a drastic reduction in government's role. Return all power to states that is otherwise *not enumerated* in the Constitution, which is what the original intent was.
  7. IMO they should have stayed the #$% out of it, and when these firms started losing their shirt to just watch and wave as they sank. This whole too-big-to fail nonsense is what 'they' blankfein, mack, dimon, pandit etc... what you to think They are not the only investment banks! I guarentee you, you let Bear, Lehman, AIG go under and the Banks would fix their own lending and trading practices. It would not have been armageddon...bankruptcy is the solution...it's not to be feared.
  8. Who cares because we'll be farked either way? :D
  9. Um no.

    There is nothing wrong with a normal bankruptcy. There is a lot wrong with bankruptcies of many of the top financial institutions. Confidence is the key here. Bank runs, anyone?
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    Speaking of unamerican imbeciles that need to be destroyed, you need look no further than the Demo"craps". You had a president (Clinton) that caused the worst housing/foreclosure crisis in our history, which in turn, contributed greatly to the financial crisis. Remember O'l slick Willie, when his administration forced the banks to hand out mortgage loans to anyone with a pulse, even though many of these people only made minimum wage, and had fico credit scores in the 500's. Remember O'l "Clit"on when he said, "Home ownership is a right, not a privilege"??? Yeah, we see how well that worked huh??? Of course, the Republicans and Bush tried to stop this madness, and regulate this craziness, because they knew of the pending disaster coming, but the Demo"craps" wouldn't dare stop a program that their womanizing, perjuring, douche bag-in-chief had created. My My, how quickly these Demo"craps" forget that it was their own decision making, and goof ball policies that led to this financial crisis.
    The Demo"craps" are nothing but loads that should have been swallowed. Their extinction will begin on November 2nd, 2010. :D
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