If Al Gore was president for the last 8 years this wouldn't have happened!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by sub0, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. sub0


    Al would have pushed for alternative sources of energy to save the world from Global Warming. This would have reduced demand for oil, which wouldn't have hurt the airlines which would be doing better. So would the car companies.

    And in turn, the U.S. dollar would have been stronger, more jobs would be created and we wouldn't be in this crisis.

    Not that I am horribly pissed that it's occuring, in fact I am a permabear who loves to see the markets down because I'm young and over the long term wealth is being reallocated. Giving people like me a time to buy in. The problem is it's hard to cherry pick until the dust clears. :D
  2. rc5781


    you're a TERRORIST!
  3. sub0


    Just saw Bush on the news saying he's working hard on it and is coming up with the "bestest" solution.

  4. Or worse you could be palling around with one!:eek: :D
  5. poyayan


    Please, stop working hard! We have enough. Just stop...