If a woman gets knocked up, why should the tax payer have to pay for the abortion?

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    If you are pro-choice, then you can choose to pay the bill.
  2. "Recently, 9 out of 10 managed care plans were found to have financed abortions, and about 15% of all abortions performed in the United States were financed with government funds. During this year’s session, the Florida Legislature passed a bill, which will prohibit certain insurance plans from financing abortions.

    Effective July 1, 2011, insurance plans financed with state government or federal government dollars will not be permitted to cover abortions for its insureds. In other words, no government insurance plan, such as Medicaid, will be permitted to pay health care providers for performing abortions"
  3. If a bank gambles and blows up why are tax payer dollars used to sustain and support an artificial entity?

    Maybe bankruptcies and organization failures should be relabeled as corporate abortions.

    Pro life / Pro choice is a no win topic... too much emotion and beliefs in play. The millions used to provide woman healthcare services are miniscule in the grand scheme and just a smoke and mirror talking points for the politicians.

    My personal belief is its strictly a private matter concerning only the woman and her doctors. No one has any right or business to interfere with her free will and choice.

    Unfortunately Doctors in the US no longer practice medicine... they practice insurance billings and malpractice avoidance. Even the reputable good intended doctors have long ago compromised their moral compass in order to stay solvent. They stray from the insurance company guidance and they get dropped.

    Why are any tax payer funds being used for any humanitarian aid outside of the US? Why are we providing free healthcare abroad but not at home?

    just another fiscal perspective.... $500 today to abort or $500/month welfare for 18 years?
  4. Good point. Much along the lines of how the social conservatives are supposed to be Pro Life, but are really just Pro Birth. They could care less about helping the children after they're born, or the death penalty. The Pro Life moniker is just a Pro Birth religious dodge.
  5. The abortion is cheaper than paying for welfare for 18 years.
  6. Well if you are going with that logic...let me go with this logic as my rebuttal.

    18 years of $500 per month welfare = $108,000

    Age 18 then he/she becomes a tax paying citizen. Since the average person makes $48k per year and the federal tax one pays in the US is 12.6% thats $6k per year for 40 years = $240,000+ in federal taxes. So obviously it pays in the long run to keep these future taxpayers around.

    Lets also not forget all the local sales taxes this citizen will pay over the course of his life, the property taxes he will pay when/if he buys a house, and also try to remember...when you abort one of these little bastards, it cuts into your future social security money...thats right...the money you paid in all your life and because they were aborted...No Social security for you!
  7. After a few weeks of coherent posts, I thought that you might have turned the corner...but this is absolute bullshit.

    Do you really believe that the majority of children that spend 18 years on welfare go on to productive "tax paying" lives? Seriously, the odds are better that if they spent the first 18 years as someone's "welfare check", they'll more than likely be a taxpayer drain for the next 40-50-60 years as well.

    Why don't you put together a "Scenario B" and tell us what the cost of supporting someone from cradle to grave will run us?
  8. Let me respond with this...

    Do you really believe that 100% of people that get abortions would be on welfare if they didnt get abortions? Because I've met plenty of irresponsible people that all of a sudden got jobs when they had a kid and became responsible. And the fact that someone is thinking so far ahead (I.E. if they have a kid they will have less money in the future) indicates at least a reasonable amount of responsibility. That being said, that person likely works and nothing will change. Sure a few might hit hard times and go on welfare, but I can tell you right now,I'm 100% positive that its not 100% of people that get abortions suddenly go on welfare for the "Free" money.

    So the question is...how many that have abortions would go on welfare and of those that have kids, what percentage of those will live on welfare later in life?

    As I'm writing this I just looked up welfare and apparently one can only receive it for 5 years( I didnt know that and apparently neither did most of the people on this post, so we learn something new everyday) So I guess your case for abortion just went out the window. 5 years of a free ride and they still need to work & pay taxes to survive the next 35 years of their adult working life....

    So looks like my case is valid (and coherent) :D

  9. Why shouldn't woman and you pay for the abortion? After all, you knocked her up. And why didn't you wear a condom?
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