If a website reports false info

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by og5, May 18, 2006.

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    Is there anything I can do about it? There is a website reporting false results on their home page, which I saw just by looking at their trade results page. I realized the numbers didn't add up and emailed their support, who gave me the excuse that something is wrong with their auto updating file and it would be fixed shortly. 2 months later they haven't gotten around to it.

    It doesn't really affect me personally but I don't like how this company was dishonest to me as well as all the people who visit their website. Is there anything I can do about it, like file a complaint? The company is based in the US and still has their actual results on their web site, as well as their home page with the false info.
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    Is the company registered NFA or NASD? If not, don't waste your time unfortunately.