If a uptick rule were to be in place....

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    Would you be able to go short by sending in market on open orders? Would you be able to short by entering a cross?
  2. If the opening tick is an uptick, yes. But if that particular stock were to open down, you'd become a mkt short I think. And you'd get filled on the uptick, probably after someone lifts to whole offer.

  3. Below is an email from ProShares regarding the impact of the rule on their Short products such as the SKF:

    Thank you for your email regarding ProShares.

    Any new uptick rule would first have to be approved by the SEC, then proposed for public comment, then finalized. Accordingly, until any rule is finalized, the impact on the management of our funds can’t be known.

    It is important to note that we may get our short exposure, not from shorting stocks, but from financial instruments, including swap agreements. When a swap counterparty has entered into a swap agreement with us, the swap counterparty decides whether or not it needs to hedge its exposure—and engaging in short selling of a stock is only one of several ways they may accomplish this.

    If you would like to further discuss our products, please call us at #1-866-776-5125 and one of our Registered Representatives will be happy to assist you.


    Maureen Goff

    Shareholder Services