If a hurricane hits New York?

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    Lived thru Gloria in '85. Was a cat 4 at one point, I believe 3 when it hit LI directly. Was wicked cool actually. Sat on front porch drinking can's of Bud right on the water. Eye was incredible, a beatiful day for like 15 min. We were so stupid after this, cracked another beer for round two, then a bicycle flew over our heads hitting the house and landing behind us. We realized the wind was going the other way, DUH, had to go to the back porch.

    NYC buildings are set up for like 175 mph winds. Empire State building is fine, it is so solid that they have to open windows to allow building to have some 'give'. WTC actually had tremendous springs in the foundation. All computer centers in NYC are built above ground floors. I always thought it was weird that the computer floors were always on 2 or 3, but this is why. Beneath the floors is an inpenetrable layer of steel in most buildings.

    Would have gone to work on Wall Street the next day, but there were 6 ft swells at Jones Beach. Called in sick and got out the gun (long board).

  2. That is sweet man. I was out surfing today, Bill was creating some really nice swells. That being said, it's all fun until your roof gets blown off.
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    Surfers are good swmmers and understand rips. Sad thing is watch the news tonight and Sunday to see how many people drowned in NJ and on LI. My guess is at least 3 and maybe 5 for the weekend. Happens every time. People that can't swim and fight rips and those that think they can bodysurf shorebreak.

    First thing I taught my kids at the ocean. If you are caught in a riptide, don't swim to shore, swim lateral to the shoreline, then drift in if tired.
  4. You contradicted yourself there. It doesn't make any sense, if surfer are good swimmer, then why are they drown to their death.

    Anyway, I will rather risk my money than my life.
  5. There's plenty of swimmers and boogie boarders wanting to experience the "large" waves. There's also a plethora of tourists renting surfboards and wanting to get in on some of the fun. Generally, it's these people that end up drowning. I'm from the Carolinas, and we've got plenty of these incidents every year, I'm sure it's the same up in NY. Seasoned surfers spend a lot of time in the water, know the underwater terrain, and can handle close to any circumstances. People with no experience tend to panic, get tumbled, or sucked out with the rip.
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    Its not the surfers that drown. Coincidently its the people that no can speak english that come out to Joneses Beaches and no can swim.
  7. experienced surfers don't get drown to death cuz they'r not good swimmers, experienced surfers who sadly passed away, Mark Foo, Malik, etc, did so cuz of massive wipe outs in sizeable waves u'd pee just showin ur face from the top of it, and in that wipe out either u knock the ground, if the wave is shalow will be very dry bottom, or they hit they'r heads with something else like ur own board, fins can be killers, goin k.o. and sometimes even drown deeper by the board tighted to the leash ( that's why at places like Puerto Escondido many experienced surfers don't wear any leash ). U won't find any good surfer who's not good swimmer at the same time, and even that's why surfers can be in the water when red flags are in, and will be first natural "baywatcher" in places where there aren't any

    the real risk from surfing, mostly in big conditions, is the time we can spend behind the watter without breathing, addin the fact proll we've hit our stomachs or been paddlein hard, and such so that we can't take enough breath during the wipe out process, and the plus of getin nervous when in under water, which makes oxigen consumption rise. That is why surfers drown down, going unconscious and too long under water without breathing while in the washin machine, not cuz they don't swim well