if a christian writes a history book. its probably bs.

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  1. this guy wrote a history book claiming that the founding fathers were christians. he is a christian and they are dishonest when it comes to history. in other words he made it up.

    Citing ‘Lost Confidence,’ David Barton’s Publisher Pulls Book On Jefferson

    Now, however, Barton’s star seems to have dimmed. Thomas Nelson Publishers announced this month that it has ceased publication of The Jefferson Lies, Barton’s latest work.

    Casey Francis Harrell, the director of corporate communications at the publishing firm, said that, due to a spate of recent complaints, Thomas Nelson had “lost confidence in the book’s details.” The Jefferson Lies, a New York Times bestseller, has been pulled from Thomas Nelson’s website, and the company has asked online retailers to cease offering the work to the public. The cessation came only two days after NPR’s “All Things Considered” ran a stinging commentary of Barton’s work.
    Barton told Thomas Kidd of World Magazine that the publisher’s decision was a “strange scenario,” and that he’d only been notified of the move by email.

    The book, which purports to illuminate Jefferson’s Christian leanings and the biblical influence on the Constitution’s creation, has been the subject of critique from much of academia since its release earlier this year, such that the History News Network deemed the book the “least credible book in print.”

  2. lol . . . . least credible book in print.:(.