if 90 percent of traders are losing and

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  1. 90 percent are short term traders - what does this mean?
    Could it be that "breaking from the mold" or walking to a different
    beat" IS a good thing?

    P.S. the percentages are pure suppositions but the majority is short term (due to industry' brainwash) and the need to make daily weekly income.
  2. Bear in mind the number probably improves to something like 70% of traders losing in tough market conditions, because of statistical survivorship bias and a minimal influx of fresh blood...
  3. I don't doubt that 90% of short term traders lose, but it seems to me that industry brainwashing is more directed at long term buy and holder's. I would wager that 99% of them are losers over the last three years. We have emerged from a 20 year bull market that ended in a classic blow-off. I am not drawing analogies to Japan, because I think the situations are not really comparable, but we know from the experience in this country in the 1930's and 70's that typically a lengthy correctional period is required. I think it is logical to assume that the next few years will not be favorable to a longterm buy and hold approach.
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    do you think a longer term time frame has a better chance at making money consistently?? (say someone going long csco back in 99 and selling now).

    What time frame are you thinking of??....long term , swing.
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    think about those who held apple (long term) - and watched it gap down about 50% one day back in 2000. would have been interesting to see some of those faces.

    sometimes i wonder what needs more courage - day trading or holding for a longer term - never knowing what the next day/week/month will bring. these days many things can happen pretty quickly.
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    do you all actively trade? i mean, do you trade for a living in an office with other traders, or are you just speculating as to what % of people lose money trading? every trader i know is profitable (about 14 traders). maybe the last year has been tougher, but we're all still making money.

    where do you come up with your statistical data that 90% of short-term traders lose?
  7. Uh....does it mean that they haven't taken Don Bright's seminar yet, and don't trade for Bright?

    All of Bright traders do well, don't they?
  8. I have a question. If 90 percent of short term traders are losing, than is 10 percent of the winning traders making a lot of money? Is the 10 percent gaining the 90 percent of losses? just wondering, my logic is probably wrong.

  9. where are some facts regarding these statistics that 90-99% of traders are losing?
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