IE6 crashing on submitting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by electron, May 4, 2004.

  1. Recently, just like many others, I have contracted some malicious worm. Well, I guess, I have gotten rid of it mostly due to a great free application found on the Computer Associates website, but I am still having some weird problems with my IE. It crashes when I submit a form, like when sending an email from a Yahoo account or a form from the Yahoo Shopping network (say, a merchant rewiev). This seems to be limited to the Yahoo services so far, does not happen on the ET webiste, so I am a bit confused about it. I am using Yahoo Toolbar, but I had been using it for a while before this started happening and had had no problems of this kind. This all started over the last week and pretty much continues. Sometimes, I get lucky to submit a form, but more often not.

    Any suggestions as to how to fix this would be appreciated.

  2. I tried the CA app myself. Getting most of it isn't the answer. I eventually had to take my machine to a service tech. If you have skills you can get the info to manually remove the worm yourself on the Symantec website. By the way, the latest worm is called "Sasser" and the patch for it was offered by Microsoft 2 weeks ago. If I had kept my patches up to date, I would not have got it. Also I left my router off line for a bit. Big Mistake. If you have a firewall. Use it. Keep your patches up to date, and use a virus software like Norton. Just one guys opinion. Good Luck, Steve46
  3. Could you post a link to this CA app? I am still battling with that virus that disabled my IE6!
  4. i have not had problem with this latest worm. I use Mcafee and i have it set up that it automatically updates the lastest virus info on my computer. really works neat. I also have my computer set up that it automatically updates operating system patches from microsoft. my network guy was over doing some work on my network/router and he said there were many attempts in the last couple days of getting into my compuer but because I had the patches protecting port 46, that the hackers failed. God bless the patches and McAfee updates.
  5. This is certainly good advice. I wish I adhered to it too, but I will certainly have to from now on. This bastard is also disabling my McAfee shield from time to time.