IE goes blank "Invalid syntax error"

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  1. I get this message when I start IE: "Invalid syntax error" . I can't surf on the web. My connection is fine, I can connect to my broker. MSN Messenger warns it has to close at startup. I can't see my history of visited websites. I just deleted all cookies and cleared the cache, restarted , still same problem.

    I am really not familiar with Win 2000. How do i go where to check the startup programs? How do I go into registry? Pest patrol only flashes 4 harmless pests. I think there were more before actually. Very weird. It's a new sh*t I got on the web I bet!
  2. IE is like stuck, the windows logo and planet in the upper right hand side don't spin when I try to go to a website. Going into registry ( I remembered the regedit command)
  3. Stay out of the registry unless you know what you are doing.
    Did you try rebooting and can you go into "My Computer" and change the address bar where it says "My Computer" to
  4. That's interesting!
    Same thing happening to me for the 1st time as well.

    I noticed that the connection settings on IE were not right and tried to fix it, but cannot.

    I restarted computer but it did not fix anything.
    Am waiting for market close to fix it.
    When attempting to fix this problem, I also get a message referring to some memory error too.

  5. How do I start Win 2K in safe mode?
    I can't see anything wrong in registry. I am still trying to go into what is called "MSConfig" in Win 98 so I can uncheck all that is unnecessary at startup.
  6. Did you use any anti-adware/spyware that deleted any junk?

    If so, it's possible it's actually broken the IE config. Son of a friend used a free adware cleaner program and it found and deleted all kinds of crap the kid had unknowingly infected his machine with - but the software didn't completely clean up the registry and left IE unable to establish connections.

    In his case, I was able to delete the IE hives from the registry and force an IE reinstall. Don't know if it'll apply to your particular case.
  7. I think its the F5 or F8 keys, 1 of those.

  8. IE doesn't work in safe mode either. I need to go into MSConfig but don't know how in WIN2K "cannot find the file MSconfig " it says when I type that in RUN :(

    i AM f*CKED i CAN'T EVEN INSTALL/UNINSTALL IE since I can't get online on this machine
  9. Got to use the install CD/DVD - but you'll need to wipe the IE hives in the registry before reinstalling or it won't do anything

    There's no MSconfig in W2K - however you can use the one they shipped with XP if you aren't familiar enough to make mods without it (you'll have to borrow someone else's machine to download it though -
  10. What are the IE "hives" ? Do I need to back up everything before teinstalling IE with the CD?

    The entries for my start (home)page in the registry have not been changed. In Task manager, all the programs running seem legitimate . I went through all of them and checked what they were on this site: "

    I have 2 svchost.exe running. That's strange.
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