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  1. After reading the earlier thread on problems with IE 7, which I was running, I decided to update IE 7. Now that I updated everytime I type something into IE 7 it opens firefox, my default browser, and uses that browser instead. Can someone give me advice on how to fix this? I can't get updates from microsoft now! :confused: I also can't load some webpages correct that require IE. Damn I wish I would have just stuck with IE 6! :mad: I can't even find in on microsoft's website for avail download. Please help. TIA

  2. try tools, internet options, search, settings
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  4. Please clarify. I see no search under internet options. I see settings, but that's it?
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    Goto start - Control Panel - Network and Internet Connections - Internet Properties - Programs tab and make IE the default web browser
  6. yes
  7. Thanks, but I don't want IE as default. I like firefox better, some websites don't like firefox though.
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    Why did you bother to update to IE 7 then
  9. Because there is a known security issue in the previous IE 7 and I have to IE for some things.
  10. Great, so what do I check under settings? I'm sorry, but are we playing a guessing game here :confused: It is set to automatic.
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