IE 7.0 Just installed.

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  1. Ok, for those of you who have noticed, IE 7.0 was just pushed out.

    a) the installing screen does not update. It does install though, but it gives no feedback until it's done. Nice!

    b) yes it validates your copy before it installs.

    c) wtf is up with these fonts? why is Google(homepage) blurry? All bold fonts appear blurry. Thanks M$. (note I've moved the text size to Larger and it seems better now) Did the text rendering change?

    d) either I didn't have any favorites or it didn't carry them over? ( tend to use FireFox)

    Is there no menu now? it's all icons?
  2. wait for vista
  3. interesting, if you turn off "ClearType for HTML" is blurriness goes anyway. Though you have restart IE.

    BTW, the ClearType for Html is their preferred option when you start up IE for the first time. I would recommend against it.

  4. Yeah, but it's a "high priority" update so I figured I'd give it try. :)
  5. so one more irritating thing, I have Adobe Photoshop installed. On Google Business, the Adobe Icon is displayed right below the forward and backwards button. (Is has it's own row for some reason)

    But when I'm on, Adobe is not displayed so the entire menu bar moves up one space.

    So now when I click between tabs, (Google Business to Elitetrader) the actually tabs will jump up and down depending on whether or not the Adobe icon is displayed.

    That is annoying.
  6. get a mac if you dont like how windows work. use it for your web surfing & other work. and trade with your windows machine.
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    I'll stick with firefox.
  8. lol... IE based in your case is IE7

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    You don't have to upgrade.
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