IE 11 in W7 not starting correctly... LastPass inop

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  1. Recently all of my machines show a problem of IE not starting correctly. I'm thinking it began with the last Windows Update rollup. (??)

    Most times IE launches but the home page is not displayed and IE won't accept keystrokes. Then I restart it a time or two more and it finally comes around but with a problem.

    While it then "starts with homepage", it's usually not doing so correctly. When the home page is displayed but the LastPass icon is not on the LP toolbar, it has started incorrectly... and LP times out immediately and immediately over and over after re-re-logging into LP.

    When IE does start correctly, the LP icon is displayed on the LP toolbar and it all works normally until I close the browser. Next time I open it, same problems.

    Anybody else seeing this? Suggestions for a fix?
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  2. Don't know it'll help you, I'm posting this because I inadvertantly installed a
    'browser hijacker' yesterday and finally removed it today — thanks to Avast! —