IDWS news volume spike

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BillJohnson, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. An interest has been shown in this little company, they claim to be one of the fastest growing portals on the net. Have an agreement with auto dealers and currently have over 500,000 cars listed on their site, just came out with news last week that over 70,000 hotels have signed agreements to list on the same site. Take a look small company that could realize a huge growth rate.
  2. "Under the signed agreement with,, IDS portal,, will join with to provide live updated information on the Car Section of to include all research, editorials, consumer reviews and ratings, price comparisons, road tests and automobile rebate programs."

    From the news today.
  3. ....ok, I guess I´ll buy 100k.....

    Well, seriously, this is the wrong place to fuck with people. Go to
  4. funny last time I got a reply like that NNGY went from .20 to .62 I like what they are doing didn't tell you to buy anything this is a message board, ideas come from everywhere.

  5. Yeah, and on what volume...?
  6. Haha what are you talking about what volume the ten day average is 380,550 today over 1.6 million, up on more good news. I love how you people think everything is B.S well I am sticking with it, I don't need to tell you about AAPL and what I think about them. If you are a true trader then you can handle that on your own. I just thought I might give people a heads up by the way up 50% today and it is only trading at 1 times earning estimates.