Idiots in the the senate etc..

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  1. Since christopher cox is busy scratching his balls at his SEC office during a market meltdown...

    Its time for the govt to lay the smack down on hedge funds and not bail out companies one by one!

    They need to be regulated like how mutal funds are regulated.

    Lynch bill ackman, Bill Gross and people alike that go on TV to benefit themselves... lynch any other fund manager that spreads rumors while having massive short positions. Peoples pension plans are on the line here!

    There is absolutely no reason to prison a weed smoking teenager and let these criminals that are bringing the country down to its knees walk on the streets, smoking cubans in hamptons.
  2. The SEC do not bite the hand that feeds them....

    SEC employees have one way to make money.....and that is to get a job on the corporate side....

    The SEC makes examples of little people ....and works for $ with the big people....

    Make no mistake, this is the way it is....

    It's like the old west movies where the Sheriff in town also collects all the cattle and land around the town....

    Its the police policing the police.....

    And now what you have is a morphing into socialism......
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    While the Senate Banking Committee is rounding up a posse with ropes in hand to go lynch Bernanke and Paulson for the Fannie and Freddie debacle....they had better bring some extra rope for themselves. Because everyone who is in charge of governmental/regulatory oversight is just as much, if not more to blame, for the predicament we are in.

    They have been collecting fat Washington paychecks for years, convening feel good meetings where they sit around telling each other what a great job they are doing, never actually paying attention to what's really going on, and all the while Rome is falling apart in front of their eyes.

    And don't even get me started on the severance packages given to the departing CEOs, and how much money was ciphoned off over the years from Fannie and Freddie by its executives, by the Street, by the name it....all of it coming out of the taxpayers' wallet. The rich truly take care of their own...and at the expense of everyone else.

    Ok, rant over
  4. Well then leave, move to Russia. Hey Makloda and Landis I'm getting pretty good at this.

    Anyone who don't like it just LEAVE. Don't complain just leave.
  5. Bullshit! It's our country. They are the ones who ruined it. Look at this asshole from the famed MILBERG WEISS Law firm. The one that was paying witnesses to testify while shorts destroyed companies? This is arrogance:

    Lerach jail term ramped up after tickets claim
    Author: Dan Levine

    Published: 09/09/2008 09:08

    As a convicted white-collar criminal, former Milberg Weiss name partner William Lerach was supposed to serve his sentence at a minimum-security prison camp.

    However, earlier this summer, Lerach was placed in administrative segregation - locked down for 23 hours a day - after he allegedly offered a corrections officer the use of his San Diego Chargers season tickets, reports The Recorder.

    Should a formal administrative proceeding go against him, it is likely that Lerach would not be permitted to return to the camp, and would instead be placed in a higher-security facility.

    Lerach could also lose any 'good time' he had accumulated toward early release.

    Once the top securities class action lawyer in the country, Lerach last year pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme to pay kickbacks to lead plaintiffs. He was sentenced to a 24-month prison term in February. Lerach arrived at the US Penitentiary in Lompoc, near Santa Barbara, California, on 19 May, and was housed in the complex's satellite prison camp.

    Little more than a month after he arrived, Lerach was chatting with a corrections officer, sources said, when the conversation turned to sports. The guard indicated he was a San Diego Chargers fan, and Lerach said he could use the season tickets if he wanted.

    The guard reported the conversation to Lompoc authorities, which kicked off a disciplinary investigation against Lerach, these sources said.

    It is standard procedure to place a prisoner in administrative segregation while a disciplinary investigation is ongoing, said Alan Ellis, a San Francisco Bay Area sentencing specialist who is not involved in Lerach's case. Eventually, an administrative hearing is held, and an inmate is not allowed a lawyer in those proceedings, which are closed to the public.

    Lerach's hearing has not yet been held, sources said.

    Offering a staff member anything of value is considered a 'high category' offence for an inmate, according to prison guidelines. In the four-tier federal discipline system, that is one step below the most egregious kinds of violent behaviour.

    Other examples of high-category offences include escape, wearing a disguise or mask, fighting, making sexual proposals to another inmate, encouraging a demonstration, or persuading others to participate in a work stoppage.

    Less serious punishments for a high-category offence include taking away an inmate's property, his prison job or his recreation privileges.

  6. What a freakin moron you are.

    Jessus.. how can you be so stupid and ignorant?

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    I do believe Aaron was being sarcastic - something that doesn't translate well on ET :p
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    Zimbabwe was invented for illiterate communist morons like this to move to.
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