Idiotic Refinement

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    Jack refusing trading challenges

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    Don't forget to stop in the gift shop on your way out and buy the limited edition Jack Hershey paper trading doll to commemorate his stellar -24% return in a trading contest in 2002.. limit one per customer

    <img src=>
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    Pleae be advised the commemorative dolls are sold out and there is a 2 week wait for more stock
  4. Do they come in different color? :D

    I want one in blue to match my screen saver ... something to remind of what not to do ... EVER!:p

    LOL, if any of those people were profitable we would have knonw it a long, long time ago. :eek:

    ... (for those in the know, you know what I'm say'in) :)
  5. Here's a paraphrase by another poster her on ET:

    Original Quote by NihabaAshi

    While he was talking about Steve Nison, the quote is just as applicable to jack hershey, and in his case, he has been found to be severely wanting. :(
  6. Godmanna


    I've had mine on order for a week now
  7. Sorry, they only come in green JJ... that's because green is the color of money (which Jack claims he makes a lot of) AND because Jack's an environmental superhero (remember his arctic expedition for the UN to save the planet) AND because he's a Christmas elf and recycled his cap from that.
  8. Hello MrSuperlatives,

    As you can imagine we've had many, many requests for this. And since you asked nicely and even crossed your fingers, here it is not only with the ponytail, but with the earring!

    <img src=>

  9. We've been inundated with requests for this model also so here it is!

    <img src=>
  10. The blind leading the blind!!!
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