Idiot vs. Investing Giant

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Babak, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. Babak


    I just finished watching the K+C segment with Jimmy Rogers and Kudlow (Cramer is on vacation apparently). I had to comment because I couldn't believe the dichotomy that was so apparent to me.

    On one hand you have a self made man who has more money than some countries. And on the other you have a sycophantic, biased weasel.



    Now before you go telling me to not watch CNBC....I only watched the damned program to catch Rogers. But had to endure the soapy Kudlow along with him unfortunately. God I hate that effeminate Republican.
  2. ktm


    Is Jimmy Rogers the guy who spent 3 years travelling around the world? Was he writing a series for Worth about it? and maybe a book?
  3. Babak


    He is or was 50% of Quantum and what made it one of the best hedge funds out there. The other half being Soros of course.