'Idiot-Savant' Traders?

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'Idiot-Savant' Test: www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.12/aqtest.html How'd you score?

  1. Under 12 (Diplomat)

    20 vote(s)
  2. 13-25 (Pretty normal)

    117 vote(s)
  3. 26-31 (Almost there, but not quite)

    84 vote(s)
  4. 32-40 (Looks like I might be one...)

    45 vote(s)
  5. 41-50 (Rain Man)

    14 vote(s)
  1. 1000


    Guess nitinparmar is likely to see the movie. Just hand over the cash.:D
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  2. You make a lot of assumptions about things and people you know nothing about. Like I said - Idiots.
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  3. why read something that pisses you off???

    I thought Castlevania the movie was the stupidest idea I ever heard.
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  4. Hypostomus & nitinparmar: Don't you see what you've just done? I have an open mind on this topic, along with most other ET members posting in this thread.

    You're dealing with people who have <b>yet to form strong opinions</b>, since we have very little insight on this subject matter to begin with.

    Now, which option do you think would be more effective in swaying us to your point of view?:

    A) Patiently correcting any misinformation written here, while explaining the scientific truths as you see them. All while backing it up with rock solid reference materials.


    B) Call me an idiot and then run away crying.

    Hey, it's your choice. If you think option B is really more likely to sway people over to your POV, then go for it...
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  5. See previous posts. People with Argerger's Syndrome is not the new polictically correct name for savants. They are 2 completely separate things. The whole basis of this thread is flawed. The originator of the thread has admited that he knows very little about Autism, yet has made an online diagnosis and claims Aspergers Syndrome is the politically correct name for Idiot Savant. It is not clear from the posts from several people whether they are talking about savants or Aspies.

    Idiot is a play on words from the thread title.

    No one is crying here.
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  6. 1000


    Likewise. That "I" word is your assumption.:D
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  7. Ok, so instead of the hostility, why not just correct my mistakes so that we can all be better informed? What is the modern politically correct name for 'Idiot-Savant'?
    Is it 'Autistic-Savant'? Something else?

    Can you provide better online tests than the one I posted? Don't just say "ask your doctor". Any third rate intellectual can use the internet as his reference tool, and come up with far more accurate diagnoses than the average M.D.

    If you think aspies are so badly misunderstood by society (which is probably true), try imagining what prohibited drug users have to go through. We are imprisoned by the millions, and often for the heinous 'crime' of using the only medications available that actually relieve our pain/depression.

    The gov't takes away out money by force, and then uses it to take away our drugs by force... and then to add insult to injury, they air blatantly false propaganda commercials to demonize us : "Our brains are fried eggs, and we all provide financial support to terrorists..."

    Blindly hurling insults at those who support prohibition will not, and can not improve the situation! The only way to effectively change minds is to rationally and patiently explain away the common misconceptions. (Like I did HERE.)

    This applies to aspies as equally as it applies to other misunderstood/oppressed medical minorities.
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  8. Dave I guess you bring up a good point. I do go to movies and often times I can relate to everything you said - anyone who is talking, chewing gum too loudly, dangling their keys, etc..etc..pisses me off. However, although very frustrating, it has not yet driven me to the point where I would no longer go see a movie in a theater. I wasn't really upset with my score, but since there seems to be a correlation between very rich, successful traders and savants, I wanted to be fall into the group with the "elite". I guess it would just make me feel a little better - I am afriad of failing because I haven't failed at many things in my life and I've always been a pretty competitive individual. What I failed to realize was the everyday nuisances that savants encounter in their lives that most people might just shrug their shoulders at or not even notice. So to answer your question - Although I have realized in my life that money is a very important thing, I don't feel that I would trade my happiness for a life of material riches.

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  9. Maybe you <b>can</b> reach fifty after all.
    Got an old thermometer and a hammer?

    (The preceding was meant as a joke. Don't drink mercury!)
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  10. The classic test for Aspergers Syndrome is the DSM IV test. I don't know if there is an online one. ASD is a greatly misunderstood disorder. Even the professionals cannot agree on the correct way to diagnose it, the correct constellation of symptoms or the causes.

    Savants have a very particular skill or skills. Savants have not necessarily been born with these skills. There have been cases of people becoming savants after a knock on the head and in a well publicised case, after a shock of lightening.

    Although it is true that many savants are autistic, they do not have to be.

    Autistics are born with Autism. There is no cure. Autism covers a range or spectrum of disorders. Lower Functioning Autism (LFA) deals with people who are profoundly autistic. Higher Functioning Autism (HFA) covers people Asperger's Syndrome. Some people including Tony Attwood believe there is no difference between HFA and Asperger's Syndrome.

    The greatest difficulty with many Aspies is that with their high level of intelligence, they can mimic the social norms of their own society just to fit in with others. Many continually struggle to be true to themselves and "Pretending To Be Normal", which is also the title of a book written about Aspies.

    Hope that helps.
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