Idiot Obama wants "kill switch" for the internet. Other countries pull ahead.

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  1. Reykjavik, Iceland; 4:00 UTC, June 16th 2010.

    The WikiLeaks advised proposal to build an international
    "new media haven" in Iceland, with the world's strongest
    press and whistleblower protection laws, and a "Nobel" prize for
    for Freedom of Expression, has unaminously passed the
    Icelandic Parliament.

    50 votes were cast in favor, zero against, one abstained. Twelve
    members of parliament were not present. Vote results are available

    One of the inspirations for the proposal was the dramatic August 2009 gagging of
    of Iceland's national broadcaster, RUV by Iceland's then largest bank, Kaupthing:,_26_Sep_2008

    Two changes were made to the proposal from its original form as per
    the opinion of the parliament's general affairs committee
    []. The first of these
    altered slightly the wording of the first paragraph so as to widen
    the arena for research. The second of these added two new items to
    the list of tasks for the government:

    - That the government should perform a detailed analysis,
    especially with respect to operational security,
    for the prospect of operating data centers in Iceland.

    - That the government should organize an international conference
    in Iceland regarding the changes to the legal environment being caused
    by expansion of cloud computing, data havens, and the judicial state
    of the Internet.

    Video footage from the proposal's vote will be available at:

    For details of the proposal and press contacts, please see
  2. Lucrum


    "Idiot Obama wants "kill switch" for the internet."

    Barry should probably consult Al Gore on where to put the switch.
  3. i guess we know now, why obama wanted a kill switch for the internet.

    of course, at the time, the reason given for the kill switch was something other than the censorship they intended to obtain..................