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  1. Please help me. I'm trying to coin a phrase. Let's let those 20th century catch-phrases; "liberals", "communists", "stalinists", die out.

    Help me lead in the next best 2x4 to the head of these people,,, (and you know exactly who it is I refer to) ... THE IDIOT LEFT
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    There's a really great video of some conservative who used to work for Bill Maher discussing what goes wrong with liberals that makes them that way.

    Most liberals are retards. Take this forum for an endless study of easy examples. But not all libs are morons. Bill Maher is pretty bright. The person that spoke to make the excellent video made the point that it was all about discrimination for the few bright liberals. Great post, I'm sure somebody has a link.
  4. Yes of course, Michael Savage screaming and spewing hate into a microphone is a rational act...

    <img src=http://blatherwatch.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/07/23/michaelsavage.jpg>

  5. Not the greatest example, since Maher is more Libertarian than Liberal.