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  1. What Hardware have you used, bought, read about or thought of that addresses the following?

    "Have you ever imagined your life without television, music, sports and movies? Can’t even think about it right? The so called idiot box has become a part and parcel of our life. We switch on to television, or movies or music to unwind ourselves. Outings, shopping, theatre, operas, movies and fine dining are all different aspects of entertainment in today’s world. What would happen if we had no access to the above mentioned sources of entertainment? Our lives would be dull and boring. We would not have alternatives to divert our minds from our day to day problems." from

    Inexpensive Convenient Access and Storage
    Western Digital launches TV Play streaming box
  2. "...Telecommunications Act of 1996 that cable companies allow non cable company provided devices to access their networks."

    CableCARD is a special-use PCMCIA (PC) card that allows consumers in the United States to view and record digital cable television channels on digital video recorders, personal computers and television sets without the use of other equipment such as a set top box (STB) provided by a cable television company. The card may be provided by the local cable provider; usually for a nominal monthly fee. Another name for a CableCARD is an M-CARD on some cable boxes.
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    I'm a big fan of OTA HDTV via a home-made or quality HDTV antenna. You get all the major networks in addition to a few extra OTA specific networks. Expect about 13-20 channels depending where you live and your antennas range.

    I use a TiVo HD (TiVo Premier now) DVR for about $13/month and a ClearStream2 antenna from Antennas Direct, but I built a home-made one for a relative and it works just as well or better in some cases. See the home-made coat-hanger HDTV antenna on youtube.

    I watch Bloomberg TV live online with limited commercials, but no "news ticker".
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  5. Yamaha THRxxx
    "...Yamaha's VCM technology. The company says that its software environment allows its engineers to digitally model amp circuitry at the component level, creating virtual clones of resistors, capacitors, tubes and so on. The finished solid state amp offers what's claimed to be authentic vintage tube-like tone."
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    Woah… That beer drone looks really cool. If it could also drop nachos too that would be absolutely amazing at games… Not just for music festivals.
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    guitarsmith for xbox is guitar hero for real guitars.

    I think it is amazing.
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