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  1. If you haven't seen this movie you should. It is crude and hilarious.

    America 500 years into the future so dumbed down that a Pro-wrestler/porn star is president. People go to college at Walmart and eat at places like "Butt Fuckers"(thats what Fudruckers evolves into..). Every one wears t-shirts with corporate logos and joey buttafucco type pants.

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    500 years from now??? or do you mean more like 5 years from now?? :p
  3. You can thank MTV for the sad future of this country. Being an illiterate, ghetto, hip-hop loving, bling-bling wearing jackoff is the "in thing".

    So sad. :(
  4. The people in the movie are so dumb they cannot figure out why the crops aren't growing(they are watering them with an energy drink because the drink company employees half the nation)

    "why aren't you using water?'

    "you mean like out of the toilet?"

    "Yes...why are you using the energy drink?"

    "it has electrolytes....."

    "What are electrolytes?"

    "its what plants crave..."

    "but plants need water"

    "like out of the toilet?"
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    Its the TV and the kids play outside anymore...they are becoming zombies
  6. agreed 100%

    Problem I have is that I don't know if MTV is to blame or the parents who let their kids watch it are to blame..

  7. Bingo.

    You have to regulate the amount of media kids get. And encourage athletics or any outdoor activity. Kids want to be outside...most of them just dont know it.
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    It's that damn rock 'n roll music! And that dancing! It's making 'em think about sex! That's all they wanna do nowadays - listen to that devil's music, dance, and have sex!

    And you kids get off my lawn!

  9. they said the '60 with flower power, free love and rock & roll was the begining of the end of mankind as they know it. tune in, turn on and drop out. most of them are still alive and have fairly normal kids. the best is yet to come. people will be routinely living to 150 and still have a hard on. hiv and cancer will be history. you'll be able to get any body part a to replace the old one. the bionic man will have arrived. they'll be doing under grad in 1 year. crime? first time offenders will be fitted with an internal tracker with gps, and they can tell when the mf is standing in your yard. i dont know why they dont do that now. there will be malls that streatch for miles and you can get a condo there, water park there and send your kids to school there. oil will be history. cars will be electic and cheaper, cleaner energy will power everything on the planet. vergin arlines will be renting condos in space cities and on the moon. america's working class will rule city hall, but the rich will be high above it in a trump penthouse and in sprawling, gated city-like communities with private police and a pass to get in. that's happening already on a smaller scale. but, forget it if you have chump change p/l.
    the future holds the wonders of science and all will be better off for it.
  10. Maybe its the preponderance of Pit-Bulls that leads them to a life indoors.
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