identity theft -- social security # ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TKOtrader, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. identity theft has become a reoccuring crime lately especially with the internet.

    how is this done ? i know if someone gets your creditcard # that they can go on ebay and order whatever.

    but how are people able to find out things like your credit card # without stealing it ?

    some say not to put your social security # on your drivers license , but if i give you my social , what can you do with it ? you cant buy anything on ebay or the internet with my social.
  2. yea, but with your social - they can apply for credit cards on a different address - and use them.

    And then the collection comes - to you.

    Screws up your credit history.

    All this can be restored - but its a big pain in the arse.

    This internet identity theft can bring ambiguity and anxiety.
    To avoid it, PM me with your SS#, mother maiden name, your name and the DOB.
  3. doesnt make sense to me ........ you get my ss# and apply for a credit card with visa or mastercard or whoever.

    they would need a ss# to figure out what kind of rate they are going to give you. seems to me that when they run my ss# it will show all MY information. which then wouldnt match up with the info you gave them. so why wouldnt they just throw the application in the trash ? you mean to tell me that they would go ahead and still send the card even though the names and info are totally different ?

    if so , pretty dumb on their part
  4. ooooooohhhh wait , lol ,

    is it that you WOULD use all my information , but you would just act like you have a change in address ? that makes more sense.
  5. With your SSN, they can get your full credit report - which will have all your credit account numbers. They can potentially use that to forge CCs or use the info online, they can apply for new CCs, and they could even potentially go as far as using it to create a duplicate identity complete with drivers license, passport, etc.

    Note that even given the risks involved, some states still use your SSN as your drivers license #.

    P.S. the address on file at the credit bureaus isn't always your current address. When they apply for a CC in your name and use a different address, they just note that they've been at that address for 1 or 2 months and list what is your current address as the "previous" address - so it looks simply like you just moved.