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  1. Anybody here have anything to say..positive or negative about..

    Lifelock or Loudsiren?
  2. Lifelock is a waste of money in my opinion. You can add 3 month identity theft alerts to all three credit bureaus in a few minutes for free. This is all they do for you really. Yeah, you get 1m in insurance but good luck on ever seeing that. How much do you wager they have paid out in claims so far? I have a guess.

    Save some money and do it yourself. I do recommend getting a continuous credit file monitor with alerts though. I have used Equifax credit monitor for awhile and it is worth it ($9.95/mo).
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    Spot on. Pretty much all they do is put an alert on your file with all three agencies, which you can do yourself by calling any one of them and that takes about 5 or 10 minutes.