Identifying YM/ES/ER2 Daily Trend

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. What is your basic strategy to identify a daily YM/ES/ER2 trend?thanks for your help...
  2. Buy when price is going up.

    Sell when price is going down.

    Jimmy Jam
  3. feb2865


    Sell when the price goes up and stalls

    Buy when the price goes down and stalls


    follow Jack Hershey's advice. If you decide for the latest, better hire an arqueologist to help you decifer what he says. It's all written in code
  4. how do you know when it stalls?
  5. Use fixed range charts so that you are always looking at the same
    geometric configuration. Dynamic charts can be very deceptive as they will cram the daily range into the available space on big moves which distorts the angle of your trendlines or whatever indicators you are using. When your charts are always the same you can then, eventually,judge when you have a trend with your eyeballs. If you want to use an indicator the macd is pretty good as it is absolute rather than relative. A lot of people use ADX but these are only giving a number to what you should be able to see with your eyes after some serious screentime.